Rest and Relaxation

Rest and Relaxation

Rest and Relaxation

Monday I attended my usual classes. Later in the afternoon, I met with my partner to conduct research and finalize our presentation of Eric Garner, a black man who was killed by police officers in the summer of 2014. Instead of acquiescing to the singular adult inconvenience I encountered on this day, I retrieved my book and book code from TRIO, as Arabic class was transitioning to a new book.

Tuesday I gave my presentation on Eric Garner. Afterward, I enjoyed a nice lunch at Arabic table with other students from varying class years studying/minoring in Arabic. After a much-needed nap, I took my first Arabic language exam. Let’s not talk about, but it went okay. For the remainder of the evening, I finished my homework, and made it to bed by 11pm.

Wednesday My day flew by as I prepared to see Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing for my Drama, Film, and Society course. The movie was very entertaining and engaging. I recommend it. By the end of the night, I was able to submit my articles and headlines for The Salt, a satirical magazine run my Carleton students. And yet again, my roommate and I went to bed before midnight! Whoop!

Thursday Having watched Do the Right Thing the previous night, my A&I course had a very interesting conversation on police brutality, African-Americans, and policing amongst this group of individuals over the past thirty years. I was happy to share my insights on the issues discussed as a black woman. To wrap up the night, I attended a screening of I Am Not Your Negro, a film inspired by James Baldwin’s social criticisms of the American Civil Rights Movement. Gladly, I stayed for the Q&A and heard from individuals of varying creeds, races, and ages thanks to the Black Student Alliance. Walking home, I had a stimulating conversation with a classmate from my A&I course who had also attended the screening.

Friday I attended my classes in the morning. After a needed break, I attended convocation given by Diana Yenez, a Cuban comedian based in Los Angeles. After, I had a nice lunch with a friend, popped in on my professor’s office hours, and headed to Bridgewater Elementary to tutor third graders. Once I had wrapped up classes, I headed to the Libe to watch a film for my A&I final paper. To my elation, I grabbed a grilled cheese from Sayles and proceeded to watch Jane the Virgin on Netflix for the remainder of the evening. To get some movement in and avoid bedsores, I had a mini-acapella dance party with a friend on my floor.

Saturday I had an early start to my day, which involved morning yoga and Jane the Virgin. Following, a nice dinner with some friends, I headed back to the library to conduct some research on black womanhood for my final paper for my A&I. For the remainder of the night, I watched “Seven” with my roommate in the floor lounge, and continued my affair with Jane the Virgin.

Sunday After a generally easy-going day, I attended yoga club, had a filling dinner, and spent the remainder of the day getting my life together.

ألاً واسل!

Ahlan wa sahlan! (‘Goodbye’ in Arabic)

As a selectively-proud Houstonian, Jelilat is undecided in her major, and could be more concerned about her life after college. Meh. She’ll get there. She enjoys thriller novels, compulsive online shopping, and skipping the “It” movie advertisements when they come on. Jelilat also enjoys taking #OutfitofTheDay pics, spending time with people with very loud laughs, and learning more about her fellow peers’ experiences, interests, and perspectives. 

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